De Banjaard

You can find holiday dialysis centre. De Banjaard at holiday park Noordzee Résidence De Banjaard. In the year 2000 our dialysis centre was specially built for holiday dialysis. De Banjaard was also the first centre in the Netherlands that offers holiday dialysis. De Banjaard is positioned directly next to the touristic attractions of Zeeland: the dyke, the sea and the beach.

During your treatment we make sure you retain the holiday feeling. After we connect the devices for your treatment, you can enjoy a beverage and a snack. Also there will be a lunch prepared for you with a bowl of soup. At our center the interior design is homy and comforting. Every patient has access to a personal television screen and WI-FI.

At holiday dialysis centre De Banjaard we have six dialysis stations. We work with the best Gambro-machines from the type AK200 ultra S. We can treat all the modern methods with these machines, such as online HDF.

Opening hours

You’re welcome for your dialysis treatment in our centre from April to Octobre and in the Christmas holiday.


In the text below you will find the adress to holiday dialysis centre De Banjaard. You will reach our parking lot not by driving on to the holiday park, but to drive along the entrance. At the end of the road take a turn to the right (at Hotel Kamperduinen) and you will follow the 'Banjaardweg' until you see our holiday dialysis centre on the right. The parking spots are free for you and your family.

De Banjaard