Dialysis centre the Zorgboulevaart is stationed in the old Maritime Academy in Vlissingen. Our centre has nine dialysis stations. This building has monumental value for the city and residents can’t imagine the city’s skyline without it. Only the building itself is worth a visit. When you are being treated in this centre you directly look out over the sea and passing ships.

During your dialysis treatment we make sure you retain your holiday feeling. After we connect the devices for your treatment you can enjoy something to drink and a snack. Also there will be a lunch prepared for you with a bowl of soup. Every patient has access to a personal television screen and WI-FI.

At the Zorgboulevaart we work with the best Gambro-machines from the type AK200 ultra S. We can treat all the modern methods with these machines, such as online HDF.

Opening hours

You’re welcome for your dialysis treatment in our centre throughout the whole year. From Monday to Saturday.