About us

Vakantiedialyse Zeelans is a part of Zeelandcare. In the year 2000 we built the first holiday dialysis centre in the Netherlands. Before tourists on holiday needed to be treated in a hospital. Zeeland is the perfect location for a holiday. Therefore it was unfortunate that a dialysis treatment on a holiday needed to take place in a hospital environment.

Thanks to our patients we made up the idea to build a dialysis centre on a holiday park. This dialysis centre is still in use and is internationally known as holiday dialysis centre De Banjaard. In the meantime we grew so fast that we provided our dialysis tourists with a second location for holiday dialysis in Zeeland. Since the year 2014 we also have a beautiful dialysis unit on the boulevard of Vlissingen. This dialysis unit provides a direct view of the passing ships.

At Vakantiedialyse Zeeland we guarantee a holiday feeling. But also high quality patientcare. Our centres are all in posession of the label HKZ. This label ensures the patient that our healthcare facilities measure up to all the conditions to provide optimal healthcare.

The perspective of our patients is always our starting point