Your treatment

Our mission is providing high quality care in a pleasant environment. In our dialysis centre the patients are always number one priority. The patients need to be treated as good and as pleasurable as possible. We work with a most committed team. They provide healthcare on different locations. We work with the motto: ‘Treat the patient with care’.

On the day of your appointment you will be received in a small and hostile environment. An environment you don’t directly associate with the clinical environment of a hospital. You will be treated quickly. You only have to wait a short period for your treatment in the waiting area. During your treatment there is a team of experts and nurses to take care of you. All our employees are involved and give you complete information about your treatment. In that way you will feel safe, at ease and reassured. You will undergo your treatment in complete confidence.


At out dialysis centres we work with the best Gambro-machines from the type AK200 ultra S. We can treat all the modern methods with these machines, such as online HDF. At our dialysis centres in Vlissingen and Kamperland we have dialysis chairs. Our chairs are comfortabel and adjustable. If you are unable to undergo your treatment in a chair, you are more than welcome for a dialysis treatment at our location in Goes.